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Hello, I have this weird issue with my astra H 1.9 8v engine. When idling I feel there is a slight vibration, which wasn't present before. When I feather the accelerator and RPM's are coming back to idle, they drop below normal idle speed and it feels like engine is going to cut out.

Here is the video of this happening. You can see that RPM drop at the end of it, engine starts shaking and it feels like it's going to cut out, but then RPM quickly normalise.

Here and here is some live data, that the person who was doing diagnostics got. As you see can there are sometimes severe RPM drops compared to what ECU wants, but other values seem to be normal if I understand them correctly. Guy who was doing diagnostics wasn't able to figure out what's wrong.

These symptoms get less noticeable when engine heats up, but just after starting the car, they are really obvious.

What I've tried:
There are no live DTCs. I thought that this might be injectors issue, but I sent them to get tested and got results, that even though they are not perfect, they are still acceptable. Another thing I checked was DMF. I thought maybe it is causing vibrations, but it seems to be okay, no sounds or anything. I've also cleaned MAP and MAF sensors, but that didn't do anything. A few times I got an issue where RPMs on dash dropped to 0 even when on idle, but no DTC appeared, so I thought that maybe my dash has some electrical problem, but it never appeared again.

Could these symptoms be caused crankshaft sensor issue? But if it wouldn't work properly, I would get a DTC saying that, no? Maybe it seems more like injectors issue, or maybe there is some issues with rail pressure?

I am literally out of ideas what to do and what to check next, so if anyone has any, I would be thankful if you would share them. Thanks.
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