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After a P0400 fault code last week i decided to pull the EGR valve this afternoon having had a productive morning it didn't matter that the van was off the road for a few hours. Anyhoo, after figuring out how to pull it I was shocked at how much [email protected] was in there!!, almost certainly only room for half the normal airflow through the main body, and the EG section was just carbon soup - no wonder the plunger kept jamming!. Gave her a clean as best as i could then turned my attention to the air pipe to the intake manifold which was equally restricted.. I have a flexi scope so took a look in the intake manifold, not as bad so left it alone. I also cleaned up the throttle valve which had some carbon on the butterfly. After re-assembling and topping up the coolant i cranked her over only to hear what sounded like 'no compression'!. damned soot must have fouled the valves... It took a while for this to clear, but my god it was worth it, drives like (almost) new again.

Mind you my mileage is now 139k on a 55 plate G model Van with a Z series engine (some of the last ones were fitted with the same engine as the H)

So there you go, don't under estimate how much rubbish the EGR system will adorn your intake pipes with!.

Ah, a question - after all that - can we blank off the EGR???, i had tried in the past to put a blanking plate between the Exhaust duct and the EGR valve, but then engine didn't like it, seemed to choke up after 3krpm....
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