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Well Yet Another Newbie Post, but figured I should say Hello. I never know what to say on these things. It may end up rambley.

I'm Steve, based in South Manchester. I'm too old to finally be getting around to driving these new fangled contrapations (37). Not passed the practical test yet, I passed the theory/hazard first time almost perfectly, having never had a professional driving lesson. Hopefully the practical will be as easy for me.

Like other newbies I needed a low insurance group vehicle which were a reasonable size car, as I haven't had lessons I expected I'll be riding the clutch, hammering the gearbox etc so nothing too costly and I'm told diesel is the better choice as learner. This meant ex-fleet or likely something so old I'd need an Aramaic translator for the manual. I were down to Astra, Corolla, Civic or Focus, just needed the right combination of factors.

The Car
I ended up buying a 2010 Olympic White Astra H/5 1.3 CDTI 90ps, which as best I can ascertain were originally a Police "diary" car. A helpful contact in Fleet Management and job numbers means I've been able to find out it had MAF sensor, turbo sensor, new water pump, gasket (unable to confirm which, assume head), glow plugs, transmission (lead to believe transmission notation means both clutch/box), brakes, new battery and some other stuff in the final year, so seemed solid despite not the best decommissioning process.

I read all the horror stories but its a lot of car for very little money and super low insurance, so I rolled the dice. Now on a steep learning curve, well its more like rock climbing ;).

Why I'm Here
I found my way here when looking into a problem I didn't really notice until I tried to go up a hill once insured. Initially I assumed it were since I'd literally only driven for less than 2 hour in my entire life. The last time being about 10 yrs ago and it were just me being rubbish. Family members confirmed its not just me. Its flatter than a steam rollered pancake and totally gutless under 2k revs, which from reading the forum appears to be the MAF or EGR or a split hose.

I think that covers most things, and up to date.
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