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Hi Lads.
Sorry to be here asking for help again.

Wife rang me tonight to tell me she had a yellow warning light on. A yellow oil can to the left of the green 'lights on' light and below where the car with spanner 'check engine' light is.I have never seen this before.

I got to her to find it had gone out. She said it had come on twice.

I have done a search and it seems this is an oil level warning. Is that correct?

Oil level is on the full line. Car never burns oil between changes. It has 5w/30 Dexos2 but is due a service, not overdue though.

Is it likely a faulty sensor? If so how do i replace it?

This car is a pain in the butt at them moment but with me being made redundant we could do with it lasting a bit longer.

As always i am grateful for any help and advice you guys can give.

I did notice on a search that a forum member 'scrooge' wrote the following.

'There is a TSB for the oil light coming on when the oil level is fine'.

Anyone have the tsb number?

Thanks very much.
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