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Hi, a couple of months ago I posted in here because I had a mini electrical fire behind my dash in my astra.

Car info: 1.8 SRI, 2002, mk4

I had it taken to a garage but they couldnt tell me much, they just said its not worth repairing - which is probably true, but I have a spare car and am in no rush, the parts are cheap so its just time and learning so I want to give it a try.

The garage removed the dash, glove box etc (pics below)

Electrical wiring Cable management Wire Auto part Technology
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My main question is where do it start?

What I think I need to do is replace a part, test it. If not the damage might have gone even further so replace that too etc etc. Would this be along the right lines?

Also, does anyone have any guides or good places to learn this sort of thing? I could do with the basics, I'm not experienced with mechanics or electrics, the most I've done is changed LED's in my dashboard! (which probably contributed to the fire!)

Thanks and hope this makes sense.
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