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I am looking for a wheel bearing for my Astra H 2004 - 1.7 CDTI. I have this weird problem that after driving for few hundred meters the ABS light pops-up. Also sometimes the ABS kicks in at low speeds. I figure the ABS/Wheel bearing is defective. It will cost me around 4 a 500 euros to repair.

I looked self on ebay and found these possibilities:

1. (germany)

2. (UK)

3. (UK)

I was looking on how to do it myself and i fit was an easy job. Last week I did do the brakepads/discs myself which was quite straightforward. I was wondering if I needed special tools to replace the bearing and what the steps would be:

1. Take off the wheel/brakepads/discs
2. Take of the central axis bolt
3. Disconnect the ABS sensor
4. ..??

This time, I am thinking of making a DIY with pictures for other people as well, as I cannot find any detailed DIY on the internet
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