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Question for the experts.

I'm trying to track down a heavy duty clutch for my AH turbo (petrol) and I have several options.

Can get a VXR clutch, but price is super steep so I don't want to go down this path if possible. :'( Plus if I go for extra power, it may not withstand the increase.

Have tracked down a mob in Nethaland, but they dont respond to my emails. :(

This is the clutch kit I need.

Have emailed Courtenay, they tell me they have nothing for the AH turbos, only for VXRs. :sus:

Lastly, there's a seller on ebay who believes this kit will fit the AH turbo (even though it fits the TS turbos).
This, I'm not sure about, as the TS had a 5sp compared to the AH with the 6sp box. :confused:

Ideas/advice/suggestions from any experts? :'(
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