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Some of you may have known (and laughed at the fact) that I attempted a mod a little while back which consisted of making the brand lettering "Bridgestone" & "Potenza" red on my tyres.

I thought I'd provide a bit of an update, and get a thread going for the future plans I have which involve a few experiments with different solutions and testing their durability and staying power.

For the first attempt I used a brush and some Plastidip HCF (Hard Coat Formula) which doesn't dry so much as a rubbery/vinyl sheet like the regular plastidip, more like a hard plastic.

These were the results after my attempt with Plastidip HCF:

Ease of application: 4/10 - Tough to stay inside the lines with a brush and achieve good coverage in time.
Durability: 3/10 - Lasted approximately 3 weeks before degrading
Appearance: 6/10 - When applied it looked bold & eyecatching, although brush strokes were visible close up and a smooth finish was tough to achieve
Issues: Cracking, especially on front tyres. It seemed to bond to the tyre itself quite well, and the structure of it only seemed to be compromised by the cracking caused by the tyre wall compressing and bending. Wear started from the ends of the words most exposed to forces (the B and E in bridgestone, the P and A in Potenza).

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