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hello there,

im 18 years old from essex, basildon

i drive an technical grey astra h

the car has a few mods and many more to come

list below of the modifications so far in the past 2 and half months since buying the car


FK coilovers, all the way down
18" bbs ch, 9J all round, mega stretched tyres 215,35 all round
alpine stereo
2 subs
black roof lining

future mods:

space out the rear wheels 10mm
2 front new seats (not set my heart on anything yet)
more lows
us style lights
new grill
take rear seats out
two subs into the floorwell to replace the rear seats
get the piano black dash
maybe rear tints not 100%
maybe exterior pack

my astra is my daily car and the only car i have.

i will upload photos from when i bought the car below all the way through to today

when it was standard

after i fitted the coilovers


with the bbs ch's needs more lows on the front

every one likes a side on shot
the front needs to come down about an inch

thanks for checking through my thread and i will update it as i go along
1 - 20 of 22 Posts