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I recently posted a thread about my swirl flap's and got some brilliant information and help.
But I am still slightly i need of some help as I am tight for cash at the moment...

Ill describe in as much detail as I can with the info I know and see if you can help..

So from what I know the swirl flaps are opened and closed by the actuator rod/bar/arm (with memory ability)
to do its job properly..

Now... My engine spat a code P110963

Actuator I believe!!

Now.. around the top of the inlet, I have the follow;

1.Bar has fell off and is just sat there on top of manifold
2. Covered in thick fresh oil around the area so its not clean..
3. As far as I can tell and feel, all the flaps are still freely moving..

Is there anyway of diagnosing what needs changing?
Or is it a whole job to be safe?

And my last question is...

If the car runs ok, and I drive carefully.... Is it going to cause any problems for me? As I need the car daily until its fixed... apart from the obvious excessive fuel

Hope you can help... And If there is anyone in the Preston area or close who's willing to come have a look for me,
who knows what there talking about then contact me, I would be massively grateful as I know nothing about newer cars,
ex Mini owner lol!


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