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Hello all,
Long time lurker, first time poster, but I'm sure others will have the same question.. 馃槄

So I'm going to change the suspension on my Astra H 1.6 Sxi as there is some creaking and knocking when going over bumps and also when full locked turning.

However, I am having some trouble determining what parts I should actually buy..

Pic below is of what is currently in my basket at ECP..


So my questions are:
Will this be all I need to fit it and run effectively?
Are these even the correct parts? (lol)
Is there anything else that is recommended whilst I'm doing this? (I'm gonna be doing brakes at the same time anyway most likely)

Happy wrenching!

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The coilovers are very inexpensive and I can't speak for either the brand or the seller.

The strut mount looks different from the OEM versions [Edited]. I don't have experience with that style but would find a premium part here as it is a lot of work to replace. The OEM mounts rust and wear out over time so these mounts should be replaced when doing front struts IMHO.

The drop links (for the roll bar) are popular failure items and typically might clunk when hitting bumps. I would check those for damage to the boots and wiggle them around to see if those are the obvious causes. If so, I might just replace those and see how you get on. We changed from plastic to metal strut mounts for performance reasons.

Of course, you might have other issues (broken spring, worn strut mounts, worn tie rod ends, are some popular Astra wear items).

For suspension bits, we had good luck with Bilstein and GM replacements.

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I have done a little research, and it seems the JOM Blueline coilies generally have good reviews, with the odd one opting for more expensive options (of course)
I also thought that around the mount, 拢7.89 seems too good to be true, however the Q-Drive variant at 拢41 has no pictures.
The droplinks I'm pretty sure will have to be changed either way. Which strut mounts did you use, if you can recall?
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