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Hi folks, as per the title, Astra H (A16XER) giving me a hard time in the morning.
As I start the car (it takes a bit more turning than I think it should) it starts OK, then after 5-10 seconds, it starts spluttering and almost stalls, then recovers and the revs go up to 1500 then drop. After 5-10 seconds it does it again, and so on for a couple of times. If I try to take off while it does this, there is almost no power and the engine misfires like hell. The colder it gets in the morning, the more obvious are the issues that the car has.
When I plug in the OPCOM (HQ) there are some strange values that I see, wonder if anyone can confirm is this right.
1. TPS values for sensor 1 and 2 are not changing no mater at what RPM the car is running.
2. Throttle PWM servo value dance around 90% and it slightly changes if I press the pedal hard.
I thought those values are/should be related to the throttle plate position.
Could it be that the OPCOM is reading incorrectly? Is there any other way (besides probing with DVOM) that I could check the TPS?
What points me in the TPS direction is that the car acceleration is pretty bad and the car seems like it has no power and is not responding well (jerking, slow acc. etc.) but on occasions (very rare) it drives almost like it should.
P.S. APP sensors 1 and 2, IAT and coolant temp sensor values are looking to be OK and there are no codes or EML.
Hope that someone will have some advice...
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