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Hi All,

Yesterday my car was working with no problem what so ever, however this morning I am having issues with the steering wheel controls, specifically the volume control, track skip buttons, bluetooth button, and the end call button.

When I try and change the volume via these buttons, instead of getting the red bar that increases/decreases I get what is shown on the left in image below. This bar does not change in any way when changing the volume.
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On top of this, the skip buttons do not work either, where they would previously go to the next song of back a song they now do nothing. This is the same with the bluetooth button. Previously I would press it then say a command, this time however nothing happens on a press but when I hold it I get a message saying bluetooth service not available (I'll get a picture of this after work when I'm back at my car).

However, my cruise control still works.

I've read about the CIM module possibly needing replacing but I haven't had any issues with my horn, or problems turning on.

Any help would be ideal!

Many Thanks,

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