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Hi guys,

Most of you will have heard the tragic news. If not, please read this thread before posting here.

I'm starting this new thread so it's clear what plans are, and to get an idea of numbers.

Before/During Ace - Fundraising Event

Fundraising event for Saad's family's chosen charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Please keep ideas flowing with this as nothing has been decided as of yet.

6pm-10:30pm - ACE CAFE

As Gary mentioned in the other thread, Saad loved this place. Ace have kindly juggled things and given us the forecourt for the evening, where they were supposed to be booked up until October. However this means we need to make a massive effort as we've got a big space to fill, so let's put on an amazing show to show what a popular lad Saad was, and so they want us back.

10:30pm - Tunnel Run

This will depend on interest as I know it's late. If you want to do this, please let us know below.

Whilst this meet is in London, it's open to everyone and is relatively accessible as Ace Cafe is on the North Circular, a few minutes from J1 of the M1.

1. Scotty (full day)
2. Nimraynn (full day)
3. MartinTE (Ace)
4. Batvan (Ace)
5. Astra_life (maybe)
6. LeeMutz (maybe)
7. Mr. Induction (Ace and tunnel run)
8. GazzaC (full day)
9. Centrex (full day)
10. Robbo-SRI (ace)
11. ArdenVXR............ (maybe)
12. Big_Bad_Ian (maybe)
13. Matt (ace onwards)
14. Sousuke (full day)
15. Anish1990 (Ace onwards)
16. Spence (Ace)
17. Mixman (maybe)
18. Mylee (full day)
19. Gairo (maybe)
20. Missy_SRi (Maybe)
21. Dan88 (Maybe)
22. Darkrain82 (Ace)
23. Lottie (Ace)
24. Blink (full day)
25. And181 (maybe)
26. x-Amanda-x (maybe)
27. Boycie (ace onwards)
28. Ibrahimx2001 (ace onwards)

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The below is from Ace Cafe:

We are honoured to host a memorial meet for Saad.

I take this opportunity to advise that as the maximum capacity, in the
cafe's car park, is 50 medium sized vehicles.

Kindly also be advised that meets at the cafe are not something to be posted
on social media as an open invitation to thousands of
people to come along, neither the cafe or its environs can manage such

We are experiencing problems with the local police re the few that indulge
in anti-social behaviour in the environs of the cafe, so I would also like
to draw your attention to the below.

We ask that you please note (and inform your group) that Ace Cafe London
will not tolerate dangerous or anti-social driving or riding, and that
vehicles seen being driven or ridden, on the road in such a manner outside
the cafe or its local environs will be reported to the authorities. We do
not want meets having to be cancelled.

Please also ensure that all attending are aware not to bring any food or
drink on to the premises to include the car park ( Yes some people think
this is OK!); our kitchen is open from 7am to 10pm (9.30pm on Sunday) daily
to keep patrons fed and the bar is open until 11pm (10.30pm on Sunday) for
drinks - the place only works with your support.

The Borough of Brent is a Controlled Drinking Zone (CDZ), thereby consuming
alcohol in the street(s) is not permitted. Bringing your own alcohol to a
licensed premises is also illegal (yes, some people think this is OK!).

The Antisocial Behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014 directly affects Ace Cafe
London. Wheelies, Stoppies, Drifting, Burnouts & Stunts on public roads are
totally unacceptable to Police, neighbours and Ace Cafe London. The cafe can
be closed by these actions. The cafe's future is in your hands.

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Great news, shamefully I won't be able to make that date as I'll be at work. At least not until after 8pm as I'll finish work at 6pm. I'll be happy to attend after that though, I'll bring all my photography gear with me to capture the event.

Just to through an idea out, how about we get stickers designed up to hand out/ sell on the day and night. Any profits made by these will go towards the chosen charity. I'm pretty confident that we can get everything done in AON for this to be successful.

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Sounds like a great plan folks!

Unfortunately, I don't think i'll be able to make it being a Sunday with work the next day and having no holiday days left :( I'm sure you guys will give him the memorial service he deserves though!

Just another thing, I think the Scottish region actually has a RR day planned for this date. Maybe it could be moved or something to accommodate this? @AND181

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I can make the Ace cafe only if ok, but would still like to send a donation in stealth's memory towards the fundraising event if possible.

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Great idea. Stick me down as a 'maybe'. It will depend on work as its crazy at the moment. If only the Cav was ready for the tunnel run... I'll be making a donation regardless of my plans that day :)

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I will be at the cafe and come for the tunnel run :) such a shame. RIP Saad.

Saad was the one that gave me the name Mr. Induction we had some great laughs! He once managed to get a free pizza from Pizza Hut in Brighton :)

Hope your riding that push bike of yours hard up there mate!!

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