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hi guys.i have recently buyed an astra g 1.6 16v, and last week my brother forgot to close the oil clap(the yellow one from the bottom of the engine), and so there have been some oil leakings.since then ,the exhaust indicator is on.i had the pedal test so i identified the following faults:0136,0607,0300,0302,1230,0571.can anybody help me, some suggestions, or what does the codes mean.
sorry for the l;ong post, i am new on site and i am not sure if this is the correct place for this post.

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Welcome to the site - you have posted in the right place. ;)

P0136 O2 Sensor 2 Circuit
P0607 Knock Sensor Signal Circuit
P0300 Misfire detected at low fuel level
P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected
P1230 Main Relay Stuck Closed
P0571 Brake Light Switch Circuit Incorrect Signal

Which is the oil cap on the bottom of the engine?? :confused:

Does the engine have a misfire?

The knock sensor code can come up if there is a misfire or the engine has been run low on oil (possible if driven with the cap off).
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