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Here's a puzzler.

From a cold start, or after the car has been sitting still for c. 5 minutes (or more) even whilst running, I get a very suble scraping noise and sensation through the accelerator pedal when accelerating through second gear. It last about a quarter of second.

I don't have any issues/noises changing into or out of second when shifting either up or down.

I don't hear/feel the noise a second time if the car has been driven 50 yards from cold (when I do hear the noise), stops at a junction and then accelerates up through second again. It's only when it's cold, or has been still for c. 5 minutes or more. ie. I only hear it "once".

The noise sounds just like a plastic body panel scraping gently against the floor very briefly. But it's not.

Got me a bit puzzled. Garage suggested a syncro may be on its way out and to try a Liqui Moly gearbox oil additive.

Could it be something to do with the gearbox oil settling when the car is sitting still for a period? That's all I can think of but I'm fairly new to car maintenance so any advice is very welcome.
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