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Hi all - I've got a couple of questions about seats:

Firstly, the driver's seat is beginning to get threadbare due to sliding in to the car (a 1.7 CDTi SXi on a 55). Someone I was talking to in the motor trade reckons that the seat base (squab?) just lifts out and can be replaced as a piece. Is this correct? And does anyone have any advice on how to do it?

Secondly, the rear bench (it's a 5-door) seat base looks like it should lift up and either fold or come out to allow the rears to fold flat. I pulled on a release thingy and the seat loosened, but I couldn't see any way of either tilting it or removing it and it won't go back properly. Any advice?

Told you they were 'silly' questions - but I'd sure appreciate any assistance.
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