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So, I replaced my SDM unit with a second hand one. Was the wrong model number. - The original unit got too well acquainted with a coffee and died...

Got another one, with the correct number (checked against my VIN with both the seller and an Opel main dealer, both said the model would be compatible) - Seller also said it would be working -Came from a car that had engine failure as opposed to a crash

Plug it all in, bolt it down, plug OPCOM in and I get 0 data from the SDM module. I can connect to the CIM and the REC just fine, and get codes relating to "No communication with SDM" and "VIN Not Programmed - Intermittent"

I can't program the VIN onto the module though? Because I have no communication with it, and have all the options grayed out when I select it.

Module check shows the SDM as "Not Present"

Have checked all connections, they're all good and tight, has a good earth and the module is well bolted down.

Checked the REC and the main fuse board and nothing seems to be blown or broken.

I need this airbag light gone, can anyone help?

Thanks all.
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