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Had my car 1 month and some absolute k**b scuffed it in a multistorey and took the paint off right down to the primer in places, and more shallow in others. Unfortunately, it's a big patch of scuffs as it was a much bigger SUV than my poor little Astra.

I gave it a go touching up following a Chris Fix It video on Youtube, but it was more for single line scratches like a key mark so it's not really fixed the problem the way I'd hoped. I used the touch-up paint that the guy I bought the car off gave me, and I also don't think that was an exact match, the paint code 10A is correct but as it's not VX brand it's not great. I've included a picture of the colour in an unscuffed area as well even though I know you cant colour match from that but just for reference really.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on fixing up scuffs like the ones in my photos - this is after my attempt to touch it up, forgot to take a pic beforehand, doh! Also, wondering if you guys can recommend a good brand of touch-up paint to get the best match? I have been looking at Vauxhall Accessories | Official Vauxhall Store but didn't know if anyone had any experience or advice?

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