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Refurbing diamond cut alloys? (Corsa VXR 18s)

Since getting my new wheels I've been extremely careful not to curb them. The chances of it happening are pretty slim anyway (Park on drive at home, car park at work).

However, last night I (stupidly) decided to pull onto a curb to park briefly. The result is a 3-4 inch mark on the side of my front left wheel, top of the pic...


I've parked several times here (with the old snowflakes) and never had trouble, so didn't even consider this would happen.

Anyway, I'm extremely ****** off and wanted to know if possible to get them fixed?

I asked Halfords today out of curiosity but the guy said as they're diamond cut they couldn't do it.

So can anyone do it? Is it even possible?

Any replies much appreciated.
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