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I've had a good Google session and can't find the answer to this. Just people saying "i've done it it's easy" or others saying "how do you do it" with no actual outcome.

The HDD on my laptop pretty much died so i set up a new SSD drive. I got round to installing everything back on and can't install OPCOM properly. It's been about 10 years +/- since I actually installed OPCOM on the laptop and I remember back then that I had trouble. I remember a guy on AOC at the time told me exactly how to do it and I can't for the life of me think what it was as it's been so long and obviously AOC is no more.

I'd read about hitting F8 on startup and selecting disable driver signing but then that this would need to be done every time you wanted to use it and I know this wasn't the way I had it installed on Windows 7.

The actual OPCOM USB unit that I have is an old piece of kit which i probably bought around 2009-2010.
The OPCOM version I had up and running on the laptop was labelled up 100219a out of a folder I have which is named OP-COM2011Revision.rar.

Now here's the bit I do remember...

There was an issue with driver signing. I had to use a piece of software which is on my PC named dseo13b which when opening seems to be called Driver Signing Enforcement Overrider.
And that's where my memory stops i'm afraid. I know i used that bit of kit to sign a file or some files or something like that so that when i connected the USB device it would install properly. I just can't remember which file or files it was or how I was supposed to use it exactly.

I do remember to use the actual OPCOM you had to use the dseo13b software and select "Enable Test Mode" which would put the laptop in to test mode and you could plug in to your car then.

I did what i thought and it didn't actually work this morning so i'm hoping some of this info is ringing bells with one of you and you can point me in the right direction?

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You need to go into the laptop settings and disable the driver signature or something like that permanently. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙈😂 I can’t exactly remember!
there is an opcom group on Facebook book who area helpful bunch. Jamie the owner is the clued up one. 👍
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