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Hi all,

I've got an issue with the paint on the roof and bonnet of my estate 2013 Astra. It's peeling along the front edge where it meets the windscreen.
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I'm just after some advice on what I can do. I'll be keeping the car for another year+ and it starting to rust a little already. Am I throwing good money after bad if I get it resprayed? But I'm thinking I'll struggle to sell it if I don't, plus the rust will only get deeper and cost more later on.

The bonnet also has hundreds of micro blisters which could rupture at any point, leaving a nasty looking bonnet.
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I've been quoted £600 to have the front edge of the roof sanded and blended in plus the bonnet sanded all over and resprayed. Then I'll need a new windscreen on top of that as it won't survive being removed when they paint the roof. The garage said the 2 stone chips could compromise the window so I may as well get my insurance to replace it and just pay the windscreen excess.

So I'm looking at the best part of £700 and I'm absolutely gutted!

I've attached a few pics, you'll need to really zoom in on the 2nd one to see the bonnet blisters, they are hard to make out on a photo but are more noticeable in person.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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