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Hi all

The Astra h 2008 69k mikes has presented with no horn function permanently.
It has had the clip fix back in 2011 at Wakefield dealer. The horn has been intermittent since 2010 but always worked for dealer or mot.

Reading around it seems the contacts on the pitch fork become oxidized over time increasing resistance and causing problems.
See this informative repair video.

Can anyone suggest a cleaning fluid that removes the oxide layer. Do not think Electrical Contact cleaner would work? Something acid based?

The horn is not now working at all. Tried lights on off and dash rheostat. Still not working. Car starts fine.

The pedal test has shown no ECU fault codes. The only one or 2 it ever had was a failed vvti exhaust sensor which fixed the faulty sensor and is a engine related issue.

A few contributors to forum have suggested dtc 161600 might be shown. It is unclear whether this was revealed with the dealer diagnostic equipment or the pedal test.

Can the CIM be at fault even if there are no fault codes?

Also, the Youtube video with Replacement CIM suggests it is not the cim nor harness clip at all but the contacts themselves. Any 'repair' is temporary first aid.

VX customer services tel 08000260034 are unwilling to contribute anything to this 'service recall'. In fact they said try the dealer for a contribution...yeah right. The money for defective parts generally comes from the manufacturer that the dealer claims back. The design flaw ought to be a 'safety recall' given the horn is a safety related device.

The car again taken in to other dealers after 2011 but last one at Jct 600 Castleford told me that they could not fix it and could not guarantee fix, no charge. No error codes they said at all dealers thus far visited to 2016, even though audio controls all switched function in a clockwise direction at time of testing.

The initial repair lasted less than a month before horn would not beep. I don't use it much but it always worked when stationary. In motion and whilst braking it fails to work some of time.

What have others done in past? Car is in too good a condition to scrap, sell on...

It even had new audio controls fitted 5yr ago with no success before the raft of other posts about this issue.

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