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Hi. sorry for using google translator. I am from Poland and many mechanics had my car and no one could fix it. The problem is with Safe Mode. The car fires but only reaches 2000 rpm, I don't want more. there is a maf sensor error on the computer that reads: P0100
OBDII: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor / Volume Air Flow (VAF)

sensor - electrical fault

I installed 3 pieces of the maf sensor and the fault remained. The cables and cubes from maf to ecu were also replaced and the problem remained. The entire engine computer was installed new and coded and it didn't help. list of parts I replaced:

-Maf sensor 3 pieces

The map sensor has been installed new

Air flow hoses have been replaced

the EGR valve and throttle were also replaced

the intake manifold was installed new

Thank you for all your help. Polish mechanics and electromechanics could not repair my car and I think it is still a good car.
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