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I own opel Astra GTC H 2006 with Z18XE 1.8 L (1796 cc) engine and I have an occurring problem that it consumes a lot of engine oil 1.5h for 1000km. Assumption is that Piston rings are worn off and oil leaks through them and burns. Is it worth to fix the engine or is it better to look for compatible engine and do the swap? And if it's more worth to do engine swap what engine models are compatible can I swap it with some engine from newer generation:
EnginePowerTorqueCompression ratio
Z20LEL125 kW (170 PS)193 lb⋅ft (262 N⋅m)8.8:1
Z20LER147 kW (200 PS)193 lb⋅ft (262 N⋅m)8.8:1
Z18XER107 kW129 lb⋅ft (175 N⋅m)10.5:1

Are these compatible with Z18XE or I only can swap it with same model ?
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