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The brake pads have a metal tab on the edge of them so that when they are worn down this metal tab (squeal shim to give it the correct name) comes into contact with the edge of the discs and makes a noise.

Odd though that the discs & pads were only changed recently though. It might be that one or more of the squeal shims has got bent and is audibly warning the pads are worn down when they're not. The pads I got from Autovaux were like this when I ordered new discs & pads. The pads must have got hit by the discs during transit and bent the squeal shims. I had to bend them back into the correct place.

I would have thought the garage would have spotted this though?

The only other thing I can think is that whoever fitted the pads didn't apply a small smear of copper slip to the rear of the pads. Or maybe they did apply some and it's having the opposite effect.

Have a read of THIS

Personally I've never put copper slip on the rear of the pads, and never had any noises because of it.
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