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I did an upgrade from the original speakers about a week ago as some of the originals started popping etc! I changed the four in the doors except the two tweeters.
After two days of everything working fine I get in my car and theres no sound what so ever.

I have the VXMMI fitted so rang the guys at TTints who said it may be the amp blown inside the unit, either come to us or call us out... :shock: ...two hour journey for me so I wanted to check a few things beforehand just in case.

Swapped the unit back to the original CD30, still no sound!
Tried the CD30 with different speakers, still no sound!
Speakers working fine with a different stereo not attached to the car, ie canbus!:roll:

The VXMMI spectrums working so its picking up radio and playing dvd/cd's ok
Its like the car has put the stereos in some kind of mute mode!

..has anyone else had this problem and how to fix it?
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