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Hi all, this must be a very much gone over question and. Have done a search for an answer. I had a constant leak from the cooling system that was alerted to me by lack of heat to the cabin. I checked the coolant level and it was low, topped up and dove around still no heat. Radiator hose appears to be leaking so replaced broken spring clip (bottom pipe off rad drivers side) I then went for a longer drive and there was still no heat and a loss of coolant. Turns out the Rad was FUBAR. Replace rad and expansion tank as the cap was dodgy. Thought I have deffo solved the issue but there is still no cabin heat and the expansion tank blew coolant out it’s rear pipe all over the exterior bulkhead.
Can anyone think of what I am possibly doing wrong or need to check to rectify this problem? Do I need to “burp” the cooling system to relive an air lock? If so pls let me know how?
Thanks in advance

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