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So I have an Mk5 H Sri.

I want some more functionality than the stock CD30 setup.

At minimum...

Screen (6/7")
iPhone/iPod control (prefer USB rear)
2 DIN so it fills as much of the negative space that will be left when the old unit is ripped out
MP3 Disc
Good Radio facility
Good interface
Works with steering wheel controls (I'm aware I may need additional cables)
MUST HAVE VIDEO IN (The yellow one like from a camera lol)

Wouldn't mind...

Option for rear facing camera
Sub / Additional Audio outputs

Reasonable suggestions please. Price isn't really a concern but I'm not splashing 400 notes on something that can be achieved at 150.

Thanks in advance.

Oh and if you have knowledge of installation for it, that may be useful (additional cables required etc.) and if KEYCODE stuff needs to be considered before removing old audio unit. Treat me like a novice, I wont be offended. :)

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