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Unusually, I didn't take many photos this year... mainly as my hayfever was so bad I really couldn't be bothered to actually take any photos... but here's what I did get :)

The Official AON Yam

An early morning traffic yam :mrgreen:

Best Astra G - Jakeyastravan

Best Astra H - Beckie

Best Astra J

Wooden Spoon - Mark

Best Newcomer

Best Detailed - Jakeyastravan

Car of Show - Will DCE

Guess the monkey's name - Lottie

Sorry, can't remember the names of the Best J or Newcomer... but well done none the less (Y)

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I was the bloke half asleep in Ian's car when you came and said hello. I was going to say hello as well but you disappeared too quickly and I didn't get a good enough look at your face to come find you :lol:
He was the scrawny looking one with the red face :thumbs:

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