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My wifies Tin Top 1.8 vvti 200 plus bhp has these brakes, which in my opinion are out of this world, one stops on a sixpence , and if not carefull will bang your head on the windscreen ,

They are quite new to the csene of aftermarket braking and arrive in various sizes to suit, lesley's have 345 mm bell discs 8 pot calipers, the pistons in comparison to most are small, but if all work united they work great

Whilst mine are the very sought after 888 four pots original, pistons on the calipers are huge, discs are I think 330 mm ,

Yet these don't work as well as my wifes car with the K sport, although they do stop extremely well,

|Now I'm running , well occasionally, when I get him right, almost 300 bhp.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts