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Bought my car roughly about 6 months ago, just stock, with no kit on it.
I managed to pull a rare one, I have the stock 120bhp but with the 16 valve engine. Basically comes with the 150bhp engine but been stock detuned 120bhp, so has the potential to match the 888.

Going to upgrade my car slowly, so this thread is basically to show what I have done and how much it has cost me.

First Thing I did was a cheap enhancement, Debadged the car which was easy as pie, especially for a first timer like me.



Next Thing was smoking my rear tail lights, this was a cheap modification, can of good quality smoke paint cost £12.


Smoked the tail lights while they were off the car;

After, when lights where put back on the car;

Removed the centre brake light ready for smoking;

HID Kit fitted, with 6k xenon bulbs, and 12 SMD led sidelight bulbs, which cost £45;
Pic coming soon

License Plate SMD lights which cost £8 off eBay;
Pic coming soon

Also removed front tyres and shocks, so my car can be lowered.

Using Cobra lowering springs with a 45mm drop, bought these of eBay on auction for £56.

more pics coming soon.

This what I have done so far, works going slow but will get there soon.

Let me know what you think appreciate it, and if anyone has any VXR or other upgrades they have to sell.
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