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Hi All,

I'm an Astra J ( 2011 ) Sports Tourer Estate ( 1.4 Turbo, Petrol, SRi ) owner of just about 6 months. Now have an issue with low oil pressure. Had the "Low Oil Pressure - Stop Engine" message on the display. Had a few things done ( oil pressure sensor changed, some damaged wiring to the sensor also repaired, new oil / water pumps fitted, oil changed etc... ), but after all this I still have the above problem. The new Oil pump that was fitted had been modified & needed an added Camshaft Balancer to make it fit ( with a new pulley / belt ). All was well for a few days ( only driven around 50 miles ) but, now the problem has returned. The technician is scratching his head & is going to complete another pressure test & we'll see how it goes from there.

I just wondered if anyone else out there had had similar issues & how they get / got around it. The bill so far is around £900 ( with labour & parts ) but it's not going to get much higher as the cost of all of this out weighs the value of the car & it will end up being scrapped. I can neither run the car for fear of seizing the engine or sell it as a going concern. "Spares or repairs" it may just be......

If anyone out there has any info on such issues, then I'd be most grateful.


Arnies SRi
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