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A while ago I came across a very specific process on reprogramming a key, which was more complicated than the general ignition acc key lock/unlock process. I can’t recall specifically the problem, perhaps it involved a new transponder, but I t’s like a song stuck in my head and I can’t move on with my life till I locate the info. I don’t currently have a key problem, except needing a second key with a new transponder. I have replaced a new key twice before. I’ve never owned or borrowed a tech 2 and I know the steps I followed rectified whatever key problem I had at the time. which for the life of me I can’t recall very specific details.

From what I recall it did involve lifting up the door handles and using the key in the door lock using a very specific sequence, was more complex than the general ‘key turned to acc and pushing the keys lock and unlock buttons’. Though it likely also incorporated that last part

I have a feeling it was a YouTube video by a auto locksmith.
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