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hi all

this is the first time ive written a post like this so please be patient!!!!!!

Basically i was fed up with all the cables on my passenger seat in my '06 Astra H cdti sri so i thought id do something about it! i had a bit of a play and this is what i ended up with

i had to change my head unit from an CD30 to a CD30MP3 after help from another post on here to do so. i would of had to do this anyway to get any sort of direct aux in in this car. I found one cheap on ebay and my mate decoded and synced it up with his opcom! This was probably the most pain in the **** bit to be honest.
i made up a small audio cable with a female 3.5mm jack and connected it to the aux in pins. i bought a cheap iphone charger/aux in lead from ebay:

And i hard wired the power supply through a relay into the back of the cigarette lighter. the relay is switched by the ignition so that it is only live when the ignition is on. i connected the jack to the aux in cable behind the radio. the Biggest problem was getting from a standard iphone connector to a new style lightning adaptor. The only way i could do this was to splash out on an adaptor lead from apple as the Chinese haven't managed to replicate these yet for analogue audio!!

once this arrived, i drilled the hole in the ash tray and glued it in place, making sure to allow for the thickness of the rubber on the second attempt!!!!!!!!!!!!

i connected the iphone adaptor to old iphone adaptor and held my breath whilst i turned the ignition on!!

The little charge icon appeared on the screen, much to my relief and music flowed from the speakers like angels singing from heaven!!! the iphone5 is suprisingly stable in the dock whilst driving and looks quite tidy! the only drawback is it inhibits the heater temperature control but its not an issue!

so there you have it! A quite cheap install for good quality audio and to keep the battery topped up for an iphone 5!!

Sorry abouth the mess in the footwells on the photos and cheers for reading!

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Nice work. But, there is an ign live taped to the loom for the cigarette lighter so no need for the relay (Y)
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