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Just a little bit of information for those of you who are attending Trax with AON.

Firstly there will be a convoy from the Premier Inn at Great Billing on the Sunday morning. Address is:

Premier Inn
Crow Lane
Great Billing
Northants NN3 9DA

If you want to take part in this convoy (even if you're not staying at this hotel), you need to be in the hotel car park by no later than 6.00am. We will be leaving the hotel at 6.15am at the very latest. We'll then convoy together to Silverstone. We aim to leave the hotel car park in colour order, so please be patient until you are told to leave the car park, by a member of AON staff. We'll line the cars up on the road outside the hotel and all set off together

PLEASE don't be noisy in the car park - be mindful of other people staying in the hotel, who don't get up at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning. Also there are other people on the roads that early, so please don't cause obstructions.
We ask everyone who is displaying their car on the AON stand to arrive at Silverstone by no later than 8.00am. This allows the staff to ensure all the cars are in the correct place, and believe me, this isn't an easy task. We try to arrange all the cars in colour order, however, it's not always possible to fit late comers into this order - hence why we ask you to be there early. Otherwise the stand can look muddled. We don't always get the cars in the right order first time around, so please be patient - it's a mammoth task!

We want to ensure our stand looks the best that it can, so we ask you to ensure your car is clean. You can either clean it beforehand, or wash it on the stand, once you have parked in the appropriate position. It's also a good opportunity for you to ask advice, if you need some tips on cleaning ;)

We also will tie an AON balloon to each car to give the site a bit of extra pazzazz. We usually tie these to the rear wiper, but if you haven't got a wiper, then it'll probably be placed on your aerial, unless you state otherwise.

If you are planning on taking your car on the track, please let a member of staff know, so we can ensure you have adequate access to get in and out of the stand.

Each car will be issued with a voting slip, to vote for the following topics:

Best H
Best J
Best Detailed
Car of the Show
Wooden spoon award - for the person who does the most stupid thing

We'll also have a special prize for all the National shows this year. It's the Stealth Memorial Award for the best modified car, in memory of Saad who sadly passed away last year. :)

Please take your time to browse all the AON cars to vote for who you think should win these prizes. The prize giving ceremony is held around 2pm so please try to come back to the stand at this time to take part and maybe collect a prize ;)

There will also be a tombola going on during the day and a BBQ at lunch time to raise money for the nominated charity so please take part so we can raise as much money as possible :)

There will be a member of staff on the site throughout the day, so if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

It's also a good opportunity for you to put faces to names. We chat on here to each other day in, day out, but putting a face to a name makes such a difference. So whether you're a new member or a seasoned AONer let's all have fun and make this the best show ever. :dance2: :dance2:
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