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As this is quite a common problem on the astra g, I sorted one out last night and figured I'd write a quick tutorial.

All you'll need an 8mm socket.

Firstly open the bonnet.

Looking at the slam panel, on the rear face you can see a black cable that disappears into the slam panel.

Holding this in place is a small black bracket with an 8mm headed bolt.

Simply undo the bolt to slacken the bracket, you can then push / pull the cable.

To tighten the cable you need to pull the cable to the right, you can see a rusty colour part of the cable where this one was previously fixed.

I moved it roughly an inch, then tightened the bolt back up and tested it.

Once you've got the release catch in the car to the resistance you like, maker sure the bolt it securely tight and job done.

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