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Hi im looking for some help!!

I have a astra h 2005 sxi cdti estate which has developed power steering issues. It started a few weeks ago when the steering would get heavy then be normal. Then last week it felt like it had no power steering at all and is really heavy all the time now. I put it into a local vauxhall garage who have now told me that it is EHPS fault code: c1550 (replace electronic control unit). They have said i need to replace the power steering control unit which is within the steering column.....which means a new steering a cost of £340 plus vat for the part, then two hours labour and a diagnostic nearly £650!! guess my question is does this sound correct?

Can i replace with a second hand steering coloumn and get the ecu reprogrammed or do i need a new steering column with a blank ecu? If i can only use a new steering column can anyone advise where i can buy the part cheaper than vauxhall dealer? Ive had a look online and all the parts seem to be second hand.

Any advice would be great!
Cheers Colin
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