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hi there.. i have a 2007 cdti club 1.7 100bhp astravan engine code Z17DTH.. Engine had dropped a piston so bought an engine from a 57plate astra club.. same litre,same bhp and same engine code.. fitted it yesterday.. went to try and fire it up and nothing... not one single light on the dash :\ checked all the fuses in the fuse box in the engine bay... i have no idea whatsoever what it could be and how it has happened

Interior light works when you open the door
The backlight on the dash works
The central locking button in the van works


Headlights, indicators, sidelights do not work - (sidelights only work at the back and indicators only come on at the back when i press the hazard button)

Radio, Fans , Electric windows, wipers, horn, central locking do not work

No idea why and how

Any help would be much appreciated (as stressing a lot now lol) with possible cause/fault and also the fix..

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