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First things first, My name is Ted i'm 26 and absolutely in love with my Astra mk V 1.7 cdti 100 sxi 56 plate.

I'm doing little bits and bobs to it as i go along, its very well maintained.

the bits and bobs are mainly visual but I'm looking into adding aftermarket performance parts.

Now, i don't want it to sound like a fartmobile that you hear every so often.
I do however, want a nice looking faster car, So in prep for a remap i will be adding a few things! :thumbs:
And what better way to seek advice and share the love for Astras than here?

Well then.. first mod i'm looking at doing is an air induction kit or just add a cone filter but i'm stuck on what to get since i don't know what would fit.
can anyone enlighten me?
i wanted to go with a RamAir foam cone filter or maybe even a K&N but again i don't know what would fit.

My price range is roughly £50 - £70.

Thanks for reading,

Ted. :)


ive been looking around and this is a pretty helpful forum, love it.
and some of the cars ive seen here so far are amazing!

So thanks for creating this site owners.
Awsome job. :thumbs:

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Thanks for the compliments

Any decent quality panel or cone filter from a recognised brand that is designed to fit your car will be fine. There won’t be much, if any, difference to the car though.
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