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Hi! 👋

Not really a newbie. Forgot log in details and couldn’t retrieve as changed emails

My Astra VXR 58 Plate has issues 😕

All was fine. Driving perfectly.
Then I developed issue with the car not turning off, bleeping alarm and taking 4 plus attempts to turn off.

Gathered battery was low in key as sometimes the car wouldn’t lock either. So changed the battery.

Then a week later. Steering became an issue. As if the power steering had gone. I could literally go round a roundabout without holding the wheel.
No warning lights on the dash and the pedal test didn’t throw up any fault codes.
Took it to my Vauxhall main dealer and they said the same no fault codes but steering heavy.
£70 later gave me the jist of it being a £2k job to fix. Steering pump to be replaced but may not fix. So new rack, leads etc

I then basically kicked her to the curb and left her to sit in my garage for a couple of months.
Today I started her, did pedal test and she’s now reading fault codes 1614 and 1616.
Now I’ve read that both are to do with the CIM and needing a software update.
With that does that mean my previous key issue and steering heavy is now linked to the CIM fault?

Any help gratefully received.
I just want my baby back on the road!
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