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Hi, guys I’ve got two questions if anyone can help,

1. i recently replaced the heater fan and resistor cause they burnt out, everything’s working fine now and am aware that the problem is due to water getting in through the scuttle, however I never had noticed water before until today with all the bad weather, I saw two tiny runs of water run down the passenger footwell, and I now need to seal the scuttle, except I’m not sure where I’m supposed to seal it, and can’t find any pictures online of where to seal it on the Astra, has anyone got a picture of where to seal the scuttle?

2nd problem is the cold start, I replaced all 4 glow plugs yesterday but the car still struggles to start the first time in the morning when it’s cold, after the first start it starts fine the rest of the day, would have thought the glow plugs were the problem but now I’m not sure, any ideas?


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