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I've got a HID kit for sale which works with Canbus cars :)

It's a HIDS4U kit which I paid over £190 for! They work first time everytime!!

Will throw in some H7 bulbs at either 5000K or 4300K. Not sure If I have 6000K. I still have the box :)

Lookin for around £90 delivered.

No pics yet as their still on the lamp :) But it's these

Whoever buys must be happy that they'll have to wait till next week till I post them as I'll have to pull them off the car(Monday can post them) :)

Just as a testament of the quality of these, over on VXROnline myself and Rocky installed Hella Bi-Xenon lamps, he used Hids-direct kit and hes had problems, I installed them both, so same wiring etc. these haven't skipped a beat! :D

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