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Hey guys,

had a username on here for years, also hade a couple of astras in the past (old G plate and a 02 plate petrol sri)

Well now i'm back! after a while owning a great big vectra estate (was like driving a canal boat) i'm now back in the astra world

just taken ownership of a 57 plate SRi CDTI 120 XP with only 33k on the clock, but it came with a warning light on the dash, gave me a great power to get a discount off the ticket price, but i'd already plugged in the little portable reader to find out it was only a stuck EGR, 20 min with spanners and wire wool and i've got her running without error once more.

Anyway, I'm in the birmingham area, and know alot about the 120 engine having spent alot of time sorting the same engine i had in the vectra, if your in the area, drop me a message.

All the Best

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