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Hi all just purchased a 57 plate astravan sportive 1.7cdti with 99hp and 6 speed gearbox. Its got 68k on the clock and only been used socially so not under load.

However when I let the clutch engage the gearstick comes back but not far enough to do it in neutral. It also does this when moving in 5th and 6th gear. When I put the van to 2nd and decelerate I can hear a noise coming from that area like a really faint grind/scratch sound.

Anyone know what it is, please see this video of the van at standstill with me pressing and releasing the clutch pedal whilst the vans in 1st..

If it is the gearbox (it doesnt make any noticeable sounds when accelerating or driving, its actually smoothe except the problem in 2nd as said above) whats the est cost?

Thanks in advance, Darren
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