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So, I went down the road for some fags,:(

Lesley asked me to get some fruit salad,:D

The Iraqi assistant a good friend of mine, :)

Says yes we have that,(Y)

So he sent me down the aisle, saying on the left in the fridge department , great:thumbs:

Well looking left n right I couldn't find anything:'(

I simply want some fruit salad? was my cry, "tinny will suffice," anything to compliment my wifes request,:sus:

So another friend cameto my rescue,

She says go down this Ile .

Wow I've found what I want , In a "Ring" pull can,


She says ;; Don't worry, My friend behind the counter assist lots of folks, and not always in the best way,

The other day , a Bloke asked ;

Have you got any "Sausage rolls "

He said yes, go out the door turn right, straight up the high street , and " Church road " is directly in front of you!!!

Well the bloke apparently did exactly that, and to his dismay , didn't get his sausages:'(

Ok the Iraqi guy doesn't speak , or hear English language as good as most,

But talk about MISS communication!

Church Road, sausage rolls;;;;;;;;:eek:

Just funny,

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