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right I'm going to put a few bits back to standard for next years ideas and first to go is going to be my I'm reluctant to sell these as they took me a lot of time and effort to get these right but they won't fit with future plans so I'm looking for a set of Sri headlights in a swap plus £60 my way.

As per the picture currently in black and yellow but could be resplit very easily to spray the yellow one black. Also detangoed. Only slight issue is they do sometimes condensate a little this can be fixed with a bit more sealant!

Collection only as I require your lights. I hope these can go to a good home!!

Onto the rest:

Standard intake pipe from a 1.6 H £20 delivered

Standard springs from a 1.6 H £35 collected. Can arrange courier at extra cost

Rear wiper motor and arm (complete) for Astra H £40 delivered

Glove box strip carbon wrapped - swap for standard

Centre console carbon wrapped - swap for standard

Light control panel carbon wrapped - swap for standard

Gear stick surround carbon wrapped - swap for standard

Steering wheel controls carbon wrapped - swap for standard

And if anyone's interested:

Yellow carbon wrapped 12v coin holder thingy - swap for standard

Yellow carbon wrapped heater controls - swap for standard

Yellow carbon wrapped bottom steering wheel thing - swap for standard

Now these are all up for grabs as I'm changing the wrap colour so if anyone wants them straight swap. If not ill peel it off and re wrap myself but thought I'd open the offer :)


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Yeah good look with the sale! I guess you were one of those kids who built an amazing Lego model, only to take it apart again the next day to build something else. Whereas i kept it like that for years and just admired it. We are all different.....and if we were all the same the world be a boring place! Philosophy time again :angry:
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