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Hello all,

Some toe-rag has smashed my nsf (passenger) window in order to nick my old satnav left in the glove box (how they knew it was there I don't know, as normal I'd made sure there were no marks on the windscreen and nothing showing inside).

I've ordered the window from my local dealer. I don't have a manual (eBay here I come) but I don't expect any difficulties in working it all out as I go - but you never know.

Has anyone any advice/tips/info on changing a Zafira B window?

My feelings and intentions should I find out who did it are best kept private, but a day off work and £300 expense will take a lot of compensation if I catch up with him/them.

Had help from the plods though, if only because 2 PCSOs cycled past it as part of their daily school parking check.

Feeling particularly p***ed off as this comes hot on the heels of an EGR valve failure (£400 inc tow) and a windscreen washer failure (took me a week to get a 10 amp mini-fuse) all in the last few weeks. Always seem to get loads of problems when a car comes out of warranty..........hope this is the end of it.

Ah well, that's life.


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Sorry to hear your troubles bud!!

Hate to see these things!!

Sorry I can't help but hope someone will (Y)

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1. Remove inner panelling of front door
2. Detach inner shaft seal
• Detach 4x clamps
3. Detach water vapour barrier
• Unclip 2x wiring harness clips
• Detach bearing support
4. Detach outside mirror
• Disconnect wiring harness plug
• Detach rubber grommet
• Unclip 2x panels
• Unscrew lower bolt
• Remove upper bolt
• Remove outside mirror from above
Note: Take care that bolts do not fall out.
5. Detach shaft seal outwards
• Remove upwards out of guide
6. Detach rear guide rail
• Drill out 2x rivets
• Remove guide rail from window winder guide
• Dispose of remains of rivets
7. Remove sash window
• Lower sash window until the fastening bolts are easily accessible
• Unscrew 2x bolt
• Move window half way up
• Remove sash window from guide

8. Fit sash window
• Insert sash window into guide
• Lower sash window until the fastening bolts are easily accessible
• Tighten 2x bolt
9. Attach rear guide rail
• Insert guide rail into window winder guide
• Rivet 2x rivets
10. Attach outer shaft seal
• Insert into guide
11. Attach outside mirror
Note: Take care that bolts do not fall out.
• Insert outside mirror
• Tighten 2x bolt 5 Nm
• Clip in 2x panel
• Fit rubber grommet
• Connect wiring harness plug
12. Attach water vapour barrier
• Clip in 2x wiring harness clips
• Attach bearing support
13. Attach inner shaft seal
• Attach 4x clamps
14. Install front door inner panelling

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Northernbloke, thanks.

I did speak to my insurer, but it wasn't worth pursuing.

It will count as a 'fault' claim and sat navs are specifically excluded from contents (so they force us to take care). How it's my fault I don't know, but that's insurance companies for you. The big catch of my 'protected no claims' - one they don't normally tell you about at first - is that it protects the NCB not the premium. When I weedled it out of them, they said it would cost me £100 a year for 3 years in increased premiums.........and I know that other insurers will do the same if I try to switch.

So, all in all, I'd get £110 off them (£210 for window less £100 excess) and lose £300 compared to losing £70 if I did the job myself. My 'lost' time is about equal. Then there is the pride in keeping my record of 30+ years driving without a claim on my insurance (the odd one or two on someone else's though).

As for the sat nav, it was so old it's worth little - looking at eBay, £40 will easily get you one inc postage - and I was looking to change it for my birthday in a few weeks time (get one with speed cameras and speed read outs).

Changing subject, I've had a drink and I'm now thinking of bribing a few junkies to get names out of them (Police have told me where the locals go). Then I know some hard (and hard-up) blokes who enjoy pain...................but I'd never do that, officer (honest!). :twisted:

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Job done.
Pretty straightforward for DIY mechanic except for 2 things:
a. Need to drill out then later replace rivets (4.8mm short).
b. Getting runner on scissor mechanism into window guide is a knack - place window 90 degrees nose-down in door then slowly raise scissor mechanism from window full down position (after connecting window switch to lead) and mate the 2 together; then finish off by rotating window and lowering to connect bolts at front.

I never thought one window could break into so many pieces......

Cheers all,


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Hi, sorry to drag up a decade old post but I have unfortunately had the same problem so have signed up to ask what kind of rivets I need to replace the window. It says "4.8mm short" above, does that mean something like this would be suitable?

Thanks so much!!

PS It's particularly enraging to find your window smashed in so someone can steal a €2 coin from the coin tray....which is what happened in my case.....
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