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Afternoon all,

Finally getting round to sorting a few small problems on the astra before christmas! Just looking for a few quick pointers please!

- Wheres the best place to buy a replacement power sounder? (or replacement battery(s))?

- Turns out my 1999 2.0 SRi (petrol) has the F23 box, should it not be the F18 and how does this affect the ratios? i.e. are they longer/shorter?

- Are there replacement rear axle bushes available as I have a clunk/knock from the rear at slower speeds around town?

Currently away to replace the discs and pads all round and a replacement clutch going in next month, bloody release bearing :|

Sorry for all the questions guys and gals, I know the rear clunk/knock could be springs so i have a second hand "brand new" pi full set up for a decent price, that I may purchase and fit. I know its not an ideal set up but I am considering selling the car or keeping it only for another year then upgrade!


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