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Hi mates,

I have a 2013 Astra j OPC (VXR) mapped on stage 2 with the following mods
  • RSS intake
  • Airtec intercooler with full pipes
  • stage 2 remap
  • full decat on 3" pipes

Last month a decided to fit a Malian exhaust after downpipe pipe with sports cat , it's 2.75" diameter, because of MOT issues in my country and random road checks with MOT teams. Also the car was very loud, given that the resonator was deleted.

Now, since I don't drive the car too much ( i have another daily ) , haven't put too many miles on it, but this weekend EML light came on, but engine didn't go to limp mode or lose power, as much as I can tell, it still feels that has power. I didn't floor it or similar, just normal driving.

I have to get my hands on a MDI to check the actual error, but could be that one of the O2 sensors went bad as soon as the exhaust built some backpressure ? Downpipe is not custom, it's just the OEM one but no cells inside.

As far as I can tell the map removed the EML from O2 sensors as I didn't have any light on when the exhaust was full decatted

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